Tiny de Groot

Entering a classical elderly home setting in Amsterdam, long hallways, big recreation hall, elevators, we did not imagine to enter a home as light and warm as Tiny’s house. It is a reflection of her character: playful, warm and open. After 52 years together, her husband passed away through Parkinson. They kept a good relationship to the end, and enjoyed their daughter and grandchildren together. After his dead Tiny moved to this apartment, where she knows everyone, and especially likes to dance in the big hall. She ran her own bar for 20 years, with her best friend.

One thought on “Tiny de Groot

  1. This is my big sister! And she is really entertaining all the elder people living with her at the place she choosed to live, because she didn’t wanted to be a burden on the family.
    She is running 80 in next April , and is the sunshine of the house!

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