Sabya van Elswijk

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Sabya van Elswijk  is a specialist in care, working as a consultant in change management and education. She is graduated in sociology and medical anthropology, and is a published author. Her latest book about dementia, Mijn partner wordt dement, is published in the Netherlands.
Sabya worked as a strategist at several institutions for care worldwide. She developed concepts in how to take care for people with dementia and helped to implement them. At this very moment she is doing further research to the care of with dementia in Brazil. Worldwide, institutions ask her to help them with organization- and care improvement program’s and she gives lectures about “how to do”.

It is her strongest opinion that people should be taken care of in a most human way as possible. She rejects strongly the daily practice of treating elderly as a problem and a factor of unproductive cost. It should be a test for any civilization whether taking care for those who really need it is considered a normal thing to do.


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