Elderly: What do we see in Cambodia and The Netherlands (1)

In may 2017 we will première our documentary on elderly in Cambodia, and publish our research about the lessons to learn from lives of elderly and the care arrangements we create. Meanwhile we share with all of you what we see during our research. To take you with us on this journey and the experiences we have here

In june 2016 we have met with a group of workers, policy makers and managers from elderly care organizations in The Netherlands. We talked about the ongoing neo-liberal influences from the Dutch government in taking care for our elderly, and what the consequences are and will be. Then during the summer we collected many articles on elderly care in Holland in papers and magazines. The main themes discussed? 

First: Safety of health care for elderly, safety of living environments of elderly, the unsafety in many caring homes, the necessity to check and control health professionals, and to higher educate them in order to prevent risks.

And second: the attempted policies to force family to take care of their parents, and to stimulate neighbors and a social network, or volunteers to do more for the eldelry in society. These themes are mainly discussed inside the stories of several municipalities that take over elderly care as a part of the Dutch policy to organize more ‘local’.

For now, we will not elaborate too long on above subjects, if you are interested to use our research library with articles you can contact us. What we want to do today is invite you to take a good look at the pictures we made during our visit with Buo Phan, a woman of 91 years old, living in the rural area of Cambodia with her children.  Take some time to reflect on her living standard, and then look back on all the issues discussed in The Netherlands.

elderly lady in poverty

Buo Phan (91) in her house with her children

Buo Phan family in living room old lady cambodia

Buo Phans living room and family

Buo Phans kitchen elderly cambodia living circumstances

Buo Phans kitchen

Buo Phans bedroom elderly cambodia

Buo Phans bedroom

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