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Who remembers our friend, Tiny?

In our continued search for humans unbound by age, we find ourselves visiting Tiny who resides in a Dutch retirement home in the South East of Amsterdam. She introduces us to her friend and partner in crime, Henriëtte van Dongen, the founder of ‘Het huisje van Toen’. This can best be described as a room […] Continue reading →

Nkek Chanrun

  This is Nkek Chanrun. She lives with her daughter, husband and three grandchildren. They own a small shop that sells food and drinks. Her husband past away 10 years ago, when he was 90 years old. She was born in Phnom Penh, and went to school here where she learned French. Nkek has seven children, four live […] Continue reading →

Elderly: What do we see in Cambodia and The Netherlands? (2)

Lai Lee (76) portrait Phnom Penh Cambodia Of course we will be publishing a lot about the differences between elderly in Cambodia and The Netherlands. Interesting? Yes. Educational? Yes. Will it inspire people to action for elderly? We will do all we can to do that, and invite you to join us.  Today we take you to Mr. Lai Lee (76) from Cambodia […] Continue reading →