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Have you ever a seen a Coca Cola commercial with a smiling 85 year old couple?

Nou Tab in his 'house' in Cambodia, elderly man with no income or health care Have you ever seen a Coca Cola advertisement in which two smiling elderly of 85 years old look at each other, radiant, sipping on the same straw? Forget it. Our visual culture is focused on young body images. With a demography in which the vast majority is young this is the ideal, even for the […] Continue reading →

Elderly: What do we see in Cambodia and The Netherlands? (2)

Lai Lee (76) portrait Phnom Penh Cambodia Of course we will be publishing a lot about the differences between elderly in Cambodia and The Netherlands. Interesting? Yes. Educational? Yes. Will it inspire people to action for elderly? We will do all we can to do that, and invite you to join us.  Today we take you to Mr. Lai Lee (76) from Cambodia […] Continue reading →