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Starting our research in Cambodia

To re-visit Cambodia after 4 years is a whole new adventure, things that formed our daily lives back in 2012 were dusty and forgotten. The moment we arrived in Phnom Penh, smelled the country, felt the heat as a blanket and entered a Tuk Tuk (scootertaxi) everything came back. The last time we were living here for […] Continue reading →

Tiny de Groot

Entering a classical elderly home setting in Amsterdam, long hallways, big recreation hall, elevators, we did not imagine to enter a home as light and warm as Tiny’s house. It is a reflection of her character: playful, warm and open. After 52 years together, her husband passed away through Parkinson. They kept a good relationship […] Continue reading →

Don Raul Costas

Don Raul welcomed us to the village of his birth, Samaipata. Living next to his brother Don Hermegones Costas with one of his sons, he is often seen sitting at the main plaza. He was the local school director and mayor for many years, and is still active chairman of the civil council. For his […] Continue reading →

Doña Olga

Doña Olga is 83 years old now and have been a widow for 40 years. By herself she managed her little shop, while raising her children. She is still managing her shop today, and whenever you are in Samaipata pass by on her cornerstore to get some nescafé or soda. She will be there.   Continue reading →

Making of…elderly in Bolivia

In 2012 we lived and worked in Samaipata Bolivia, portraying the local people, especially the elderly. Apart from the photos we are posting on this blog, it was an experience to meet and get to know these people, and their welcoming us in their homes. Let this work be a tribute to them.   Continue reading →

Kum Ém

Our Vietnamese neighbor has been living in Cambodia since 1981. Her husband lives here too, some streets away. Together they got 11 children, 4 of whom passed away already. Her house is literally stuff-ed: a sowing machine, dusted chairs, a whole miniature house, with photos and incense for her forefathers. During the day she sits on her […] Continue reading →

Don Pepe

To work with elderly anywhere is tricky, since many do not like themselves being old and refuse to take a picture. Of  course, once we get to know them better, often this shyness disappears and we work with them to make beautiful portraits after all. This was not the case with Don Pepe, he invited […] Continue reading →

Luus Paternotte

In a spacious apartment in the east of Amsterdam we are welcomed by Luus (74) with coffee and a big box with toys for our son. Luus is one of the elderly people we meet who do not feel old, or stop living because they have reached the right age for pension. During the week […] Continue reading →

Anowara Begum Rani

This is the grandmother of Jhumu, one of the artist and friends we work with in the Dhaka project. Her name is Anowara Begum Rani, and she is over 70, and has 5 children. Jhumu introduces her as being a beautiful woman, who prides herself of looking decent always. She is living with her daughter […] Continue reading →