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Being a psychologist Jean has worked within hospitals and mental health care facilities his whole life. Son of a French father and Belgian mother, he came to The Netherlands to study when he was young. There he met his wife to be. Sitting in a room full of people, she came in, looking around for […] Continue reading →

Mohammad Ikramullah

Mohammad Ikramullah is the son of Sophia Katun, and lives on the top floor in the building he had build for them, together with his wife, daughter and son in law. He has been living in the United States with his whole family, two more sons. They went there 35 years ago, to seek a […] Continue reading →

Doña Simona

Doña Simona is 77 years old and we met her walking quickly through the streets of Samaipata. She was on her way home to help her youngest daughter and granddaughter to make hamburgers to sell at the football stadium.   Continue reading →

Helpage Cambodia

One of the riddles to solve is how elderly in governmental and NGO field of work seem non- existent. As head of sociology faculty Thy Naroeun said in our first meeting: “There are no elderly in Cambodia.” Of all NGO’s in Cambodia (over 300), there is only 1 of them focussed on helping older people. […] Continue reading →

Abu Musa

We visited a rarity in Bangladesh: an elderly care centre, partly privately sponsored and mostly paid for by the families of the people that live there. There are six buildings with 20 residents, women with women and men with men. We portrayed four of their residents. This is Abu Musa, 93 years. During the 1947 […] Continue reading →

Senhor Nilton

Senhor Nilton, 66,  lives in the centre of São Paulo and goes around daily to sell health insurances. He shares his apartment with a friend and tells us he was a model in his 30’s. It turned out that he had a john travolta look, and many admirers.   Continue reading →

Piet Seijsener

Piet Seijsener elderly Amsterdam Piet is an active member of the neighbourhood committee of Amsterdam-centre, making a cause of provisions for elderly there, to prevent all the old Amsterdammers from moving to far away areas of the city. He is also a volunteer, giving speeches about his boat and a tourguide in filmmuseum Eye. He has grandsons, with whom […] Continue reading →

Johora Begum

“This is Johora Begum, 92 years old, no children, saving the days in a private asylum for the elderly, somewhere in Dhaka. Dhaka, Bangladesh. I sat next to her and she said to me: Brother, where have you been so long? And I said to her: I was was waiting for you. And than she […] Continue reading →

Doña Trinidad

She came in, asked what we were doing and wanted to leave again. Ushered in by the daughter of Dona Olga, another elderly from Samaipata, she had no intention to stay for a photo. After asking her again and again she decided to sit down and let Martijn take a portrait of her, and even […] Continue reading →

Visit to the Pagoda

This morning 5 AM we woke up to go to the Pagoda Wat Sampeou Meas, were we meet Sociology professor Sina at 5.30 AM. In the dark, it is an impressive sight to see the temple in lights, people in white blouses streaming towards the temple, flowers bought from the stall before the entrance and […] Continue reading →